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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pacific Cup last minute preparations

Crew Change:

We decided to add a third person to the crew as a matter of safety, sanity and sleep. Pac Cup administration was very helpful in changing divisions. We hope to find someone no later than 20 of June to make sure we have plenty of time to get along. More on this as story develops…

Board the boat. I like a challenge. 

Water maker:

Very little updates for now due to the limited time – down to the wire on our preparations. The major item lef on Victoria is the water maker. It was left for the last because it is more of a pleasure item, not a necessity. Some people may argue otherwise. The system on board is Pureflex 200 made by UAT/Severn Trent. Company makes very large reverse osmosis systems, this is the smallest one of the line, capable of 200 gal/day or about 8gal/hr. I really liked the system because it uses readily available industrial grade components such as motors and pumps. The system is tied together with head unit that is by itself quite complex. I decided to get new high pressure and booster pump and membranes - I was not confident to how the system was maintained. I did not like extensive use of plastic/polyurethane tubing and fittings - switching everything to brass will increase reliability.

High Pressure Pump Cat 237

Autopilot and wind vane:

Simrad J300X Main board went hasta la vista. The power board and main board can be replaced, but only if one knows for a fact which board is dead; I did not have a good board to test with at the time so I bought a new unit instead. I kept the old unit – supposedly there is a company in So Cal that will get it to work for a flat fee – I’ll keep it as a spare. Wind vane lived up to its name, except I still need to learn adjusting it – over time it likes to turn into the wind slowly, or the wind changes a little - I am not sure. Autopilot picks up where wind vane left off at low and down winds.

Goodbye Hal


Still experimenting…

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